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5 Must-Have Financial Apps for Your Smartphone

Traditional forms of tracking your personal finances are becoming so removed from a modern lifestyle that you may feel like you’re doomed to overspend and stray from your budget.

Thankfully, apps are released every day to help you be smart with your money. Financial security comes from a solid sense of where you stand and where you’re going with your funds and these apps can help you save, invest and budget efficiently:

Barcode Scanner Shopping

$0.99, iPhone

Barcode scanning apps offer unique ways to save money every time you shop. Scanning the barcode of a product you’re interested in will bring up vendors and prices that you can sift through based on location and even hours of operation.

This app helps you learn more about the product you want to purchase as well as where you can go to get the best deal. You can even find out if the product is offered somewhere online for less. This app will have you saving money on everything you buy.

$0, iPhone & Android

If you haven’t heard of before, you’re missing out on a great way to keep track of your finances that doesn’t cost a dime.

One of the best features about Mint is portability. Through the great apps offered for iPhone and Android users, users can add transactions, check accounts and even set up budget notifications to keep your mind focused on your budget on the go.


$1.99, iPhone

No one is lucky enough to have only a few bills all due on the same day each month. The reality is that an individual or family will have many bills due at different times throughout the month and keeping track of them is difficult.

BillTracker is a great app that organizes your bills into one calendar to show you upcoming payments and how much they will be. Make sure you’re never slammed with late fees again with this handy bill organizer.

Google Finance

Free, Android

If you’re familiar with Google Finance, you’re going to love this new app that is free for Android users. The app seamlessly combines real-time stock quotes along with your Google Finance portfolios to bring you the latest information.

Easily get all of the information you need without the struggles of a mobile browser.

Your Bank’s App

Banks large and small are moving mobile. With apps that check balances or allow transfers and sync funds over the air, a mobile checking app can really help you keep your finances in order even while you’re on the go.

Bank of America, Chase, US Bank, Capital One, American Express, Discover and more have free apps that connect to your checking and credit accounts.