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8 Cool Household Uses for Magnets

When you hear the word "magnet," you probably think of the little gadget that holds your family photos on the refrigerator door. But magnets can have other versatile uses around the house aside from decoration, and can offer practical solutions to household projects you might be having trouble with.

Whether you want to create better storage or simply keep your food fresher, here are 9 cool household uses for magnets. Try them for yourself!

Locate metal studs

If you want to hang a painting on a wall and have no idea where metal studs are hidden behind the wall, a magnet could be a lifesaver. Whereas a stud finder might confuse wood and metal studs, according to an article from eHow Home, a simple magnet will be able to locate metal studs as you slide the magnet across the wall by creating a pull or sticking to the surface. Doing this will help you avoid hammering a nail into a metal stud, which could be connected to electrical wiring. Thus, you can hang your paintings and family portraits safely.

Magnetic spice rack

One way to keep your spices organized is to use magnets. "Some crafty folks use our magnets to hang spice jars like this," said Michael Paul of K&J Magnetics, Inc. That custom magnetic spice rack from Etsy uses 24 empty jars with neodymium magnets to hold the jars together in a hexagonal shape on a rusted steel wall plate, which you can place on your refrigerator or another surface. You can also build a magnetic spice rack yourself by putting magnets on the bottom of your spice jars and attaching them to a steel sheet.

Magnetic paint

Want to hang things on a wall without creating nail holes? Magnetic paint offers a solution. This product is regular paint with iron dust particles mixed throughout. Although the paint might not be able to support large magnets, multiple coats of paint will yield better results, according to the instructions from K&J Magnetics. Paint a section of your wall and see for yourself!

Monogram place settings

Perhaps you are planning a dinner but don't want to get too fancy with place settings. A creative but easy way to make sure your guests sit where you want them to is using alphabet magnets from your refrigerator, according to this article from Real Simple. Fold a napkin around nickel-free stainless steel silverware and the alphabet letter will stay in place on top, letting magnets do the work for you.

Under-cabinet storage

If your counter tops are cluttered with jars or other metal kitchen supplies, use a magnetic strip on the underside of your cabinets to suspend items and keep them organized, according to an article from AOL DIY Life. This will allow you to keep often-used items in plain sight while removing them from the surface you need clear for cooking.

Remove small batteries

It can be frustrating to attempt to pry small batteries from poorly designed appliances or toys, especially when the batteries must be placed in a certain way with spring side first. Instead of making a mess while trying to extract them and getting corrosive battery juice on a valuable surface in your home, use a strong magnet to gently lift them out, according to this article.

Medicine cabinet organizer

Similar to kitchen counter tops, medicine cabinets can be places of chaos. Medicine cabinets can become so jammed with toiletries that they spill out and threaten to overtake your entire bathroom sink every time you open the cabinet. Because getting rid of beauty products isn't an option, use a magnet to keep your bathroom items organized and to stop them from spilling. "Place a magnetic board in the back of your medicine cabinet to hold your tweezers, scissors and other tools in place," this article from AOL DIY Life said.

Chip clip

Last but not least, create a chip clip out of any spare magnets you might have. Place two magnets on either side of a folded-over chip bag to keep your snack foods lasting longer.