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5 DIY Projects to Avoid

Everyone likes a good DIY project. Not only can homeowners save money by doing certain projects themselves, but the work can teach valuable home maintenance skills. As great as do-it-yourself projects can be, there are certain undertakings you should leave for the professionals no matter how much money you will save doing it yourself.

Check out these projects we suggest leaving to the professionals to help you draw the line between savvy DIY investments and biting off more than you can chew.


Plumbing work can get complicated and messy quickly. Especially when it comes to moving pipes, plumbing can involve cutting out drywall, clipping pipes and soldering new ones. Making sure you have the right tools and skills for the job will be more expensive and time consuming than simply hiring someone who can finish the job in a few hours.

Just because some plumbing jobs are better left to the professionals doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider something like installing a new faucet as a DIY project.


Electrical work is one of those tasks that seems simple on the surface but can get dangerous and complicated quickly. Most electrical projects are better left to the professionals for safety reasons. Don’t get caught looking at an open panel of wires wondering which one connects where.

A good project for an aspiring DIY electrician is replacing old switches or plugs. These are simple fixes that don’t require expensive tools or expert knowledge.


Many people think they can take on any landscaping project because “it’s just the yard.” However, when it comes to building retaining walls and other more involved projects, the expertise of a professional landscaper can’t be overstated. When landscaping blocks aren’t stably laid out, a retaining wall will be lucky to survive a few bad storms, let alone a few years.

A lot of landscaping can be done yourself as a weekend task. Laying a stone path, filling in mulch and planting are all great projects to take on to add some curb appeal.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)

Messing with the ventilation in your home can be a dangerous and tricky project. To get to most of the ductwork you will have to remove drywall and mess with seals that keep your heating and cooling systems running efficiently.

If you’re looking for a DIY project to help your HVAC system run more efficiently, try replacing your current thermostat with an energy saving programmable thermostat.

Structural Changes

Homeowners often take on projects involving tearing out walls because the demolition part seems fun and easy. A couple of swings with a sledgehammer and you’re good to go, right? Not quite. Tearing out a wall requires a lot of forethought about structural support and patching. It’s best to get a professional opinion about whether the home can take the change in load bearing.

Unfortunately, there aren’t very many do-it-yourself projects that compare to tearing out a wall. If you’re looking to make a room feel more open or bigger, try painting the walls a lighter color or adding a mirror. Beyond that, any time you want to tear out a wall you should enlist the help of a professional.